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Qu'in - Raw Portrait.jpeg
The Dark Siren of
San Francisco

Qu’in de la Noche is a San Francisco-based multidisciplinary artist known for their fierce talent, professionalism, and superhuman presence of self. Forever passionate about the work that goes into every aspect of Theatre & Film, Qu'in can be found working alongside some of the biggest names in Bay Area burlesque. From stage managing the big show at Hubba Hubba Revue, to dancing with a lightsaber for nearly 100 sold out performances of The Empire Strips Back.

It is her personal mission to live boldly. To create raw, authentic, and equally captivating works with talented humans across the 'verse. 

Meet the Woman Behind the Flesh

Now a skilled writer, painter, actor, dancer, award-winning martial artist, and sex-positive movement coach, Qu'in grew up in and out of the spotlight. Raised to be a missionary for a regrettably infamous cult, Cecilia spent her adolescent years enduring unspeakable isolation and indoctrination. Shamed for her cultural roots and only ever allowed to leave the house with an escort approved by the church, she became suicidal from a young age and found herself turning to "the arts" as a way to process her lived experience. From the painstaking discipline required to paint a portrait on canvas, to the hours spent teaching or training at the studio, there was nothing in the world that made her feel more alive than those moments found moving to the music. And much like a vampire, born from its first bite... there was no turning back after that.

Throughout her career, Qu'in has been recognized for a wide range of talents; often running and hosting events almost as much as she performs in them. While not interested in launching a show of their own, Qu'in de la Noche can be found Stage Managing and Co-Producing monthly and weekly productions at Hubba Hubba Revue - personally working in partnership with MC Kingfish and some the biggest names in the biz.


In addition to her work as a burlesque artist, Qu'in can be found performing for public venues and private parties from San Francisco to Black Rock City. Her work has also been featured in several publications, including Boudoir Inspiration, SF Gate, Dominante, Marika, Redline, Vigour, and Splash Magazine.

Qu'in de la Noche is an unapologetically fierce entertainer, BOH manager, and neurospicy sex kitten from the heart of San Francisco.✨Forever an advocate for cultural reclamation and healthy living, she enjoys live music, gothic noir, exploring the city with her beloved, and hopes to spend the rest of their days working with exceptional humans who seek to "live boldly" as she does.

Photography by Lucky Drive Photo.

"Live, learn, and love with every breath you dare to take."



Qu'in de la Noche performs burlesque to FKA Twigs' Magdalene


(Solo & Duo)

Classic burlesque meets the burning heart of feminine desire. Featuring lavish reds, golds, phoenix fire and flesh.

Inspired by the works of James Brown and FKA Twigs - who personally approved of their performance with Razzvio when originally uploaded to Instagram.

Qu'in de la Noche - Calliope_edited.jpg



A newly-liberated Muse steps forth from the dark and into the light! A tale of feminine reclamation, combining elements slowburn with a raw, unbridled passion unlike anything you've felt before.

Inspired by the work of FKA Twigs.

Christopher Kenji & Qu'in de la Noche - Ain't No Sunshine - Rock Burlesque


(Solo & Duo)

Vampire queen meets voice of the Gods. A lavish display of red and black, to a show-stopping reimagining of the song "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers.

Inspired by the work of indie pop/rock artist, Christopher Kenji - and performed alongside him as well.

Qu'in de la Noche - Gatsby Girl_edited.jpg

"Gatsby Girl"


Here to give you a taste of the Rawr-ing '20s, this fiery fox is not your typical flapper.

This one likes it HOT. 

Inspired by a spicy cover of "Minnie the Moocher" as reimagined by Peter Petty.

Leon G. Ray & Qu'in de la Noche - Dark Love - Goth Burlesque

"Dark Love"


A tribal goth couple's wet dream. Hot, male/female mirrors of each other, wearing all black, bone, metal, and dripping in champagne.

Inspired by the work of Saint Mesa.

Qu'in de la Noche - Burlesque Bombshell_edited.jpg



A classic, savory slow-burn filled with vibrant reds, golds, and wild curls.

Inspired by the work of James Brown, Labrinth, and a small sampling of local musical badasses.

Beautiful Is Boring - Qu'in de la Noche Burlesque_edited.jpg

"Beautiful Is Boring"


Who wants to be simply "beautiful" when you can be a spooky, sexy, slightly homicidal goth babe instead?

Inspired by the work of Bones UK.

Qu'in de la Noche - Queen of the Damned Burlesque Duo (Hubba Hubba Revue)

"The Queen and Her King"


After six thousand years of horrifying stillness, Akasha (Queen of the Damned) rises at the call of her King.

Inspired by the works of Anne Rice and the god awful movie featuring the singularly iconic, Aaliyah.

Klingon Style - Qu'in de la Noche

"Klingon Style"


Savagery, silver, and bloodwine... for the glory of the Klingon Empire!!

You'll have to see it to believe it.

Qu'in Swordswoman

Fire & Flow

2023-05-04 MAY 4TH E (302)_edited.jpg

Martial Arts

DM for more info.

Qu'in de la Noche - Fire Goddess


DM for more info.

Qu'in de la Noche hair flip_edited.jpg


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BOH Production


BOH Management

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Hubba Hubba Revue - All Hallows Eve


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Photographer & Content Marketer

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