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What do I get for becoming a monthly supporter on Patreon?

Patreon is not your typical subscription service where the customer is promised any specific number of things. It's a business platform designed to empower creators by giving them the tools they need to acquire, manage, and engage with paying patrons.


Thanks to their subscription-style payment model, supporters can choose to "pledge their loyalty" by paying a monthly amount of their choosing in exchange for project updates, exclusive content, or simply a closer look into the artist's creative journey.

Hubba Hubba Revue - 20 Year Reunion of Spectacular Spectaular!

When you pledge your loyalty to artists like Qu'in, you are choosing to play a key role in their creative freedom! By "becoming a Patron," you are personally helping to bring them closer to the salary they deserve - while resting easy, knowing that your money goes directly toward creating more and more of the work you already love.


What else can I say?

Thank you for the gift of your business!✨

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