Upcoming Performances
DAM Circus presents "Winter Lore" at Monday Night Hubba
DNA Lounge,
375 11th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA
Meet the woman behind the flesh

Cecilia Qu'in is a celebrated multidisciplinary artist specializing in live performance and events production. With roots firmly grounded in the latter since 2008, her work as a dancer has since evolved to incorporate a lifelong love of martial arts, cultural reclamation, and the art of the tease.


Now based in San Francisco thanks to a residency with the internationally acclaimed, Empire Strips Back, the rein of Qu'in de la Noche has only just begun. Recognized for their passion, professionalism, and superhuman presence of self, this Afro-Latin powerhouse can be found conjuring performances so haunting, you'll find fragments of her spirit slipping into your subconscious for weeks to come.