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Qu'in de la Noche at the Edwardian Ball


Qu'in de la Noche :: Official Merch

Qu'in de la Noche - Hubba Burlesque - Calliope White_edited_edited_edited.jpg


n. [kə∙LĪ∙ə∙pē]
immortal muse of heroic poetry


A newly-liberated Grecian Muse steps forth from the dark and into the light! A tale of feminine reclamation, combining elements slowburn with a raw, unbridled passion unlike anything you've felt before.

Qu'in de la Noche - Hubba Burlesque - Calliope White_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
“I nearly fainted when performer Cecilia Qu’in portrayed a Jedi with acrobatic precision to “Angel” by Massive Attack — a certified ’90s banger that’s just as bewitching as the performer bringing it to life."

Ariana Bindman, SF GATE

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Lover of live music, goth fashion, and the art of seduction, Qu’in is a San Francisco-based multidisciplinary artist with over 15 years experience in Live Performance and Production. Known for their fierce talent, professionalism, and unwavering passion for burlesque excellence, Qu'in de la Noche works with some of the most iconic names in the industry and hopes to use her platform to create raw, authentic works with talented humans across the 'verse.

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