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2023 PRESS - portrait of Qu'in de la Noche (_quindelanoche) by Philip Pavliger (_pavligerp


Qu'in de la Noche performs burlesque to FKA Twigs' Magdalene


(Solo & Duo)

Classic burlesque meets the burning heart of feminine desire. Featuring lavish reds, golds, phoenix fire and flesh.

Inspired by the works of James Brown and FKA Twigs - who personally approved of their performance with Razzvio when originally uploaded to Instagram.

Qu'in de la Noche - Calliope_edited.jpg



A newly-liberated Muse steps forth from the dark and into the light! A tale of feminine reclamation, combining elements slowburn with a raw, unbridled passion unlike anything you've felt before.

Inspired by the work of FKA Twigs.

Christopher Kenji & Qu'in de la Noche - Ain't No Sunshine - Rock Burlesque


(Solo & Duo)

Vampire queen meets voice of the Gods. A lavish display of red and black, to a show-stopping reimagining of the song "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers.

Inspired by the work of indie pop/rock artist, Christopher Kenji - and performed alongside him as well.

Qu'in de la Noche - Gatsby Girl_edited.jpg

"Gatsby Girl"


Here to give you a taste of the Rawr-ing '20s, this fiery fox is not your typical flapper.

This one likes it HOT. 

Inspired by a spicy cover of "Minnie the Moocher" as reimagined by Peter Petty.

Leon G. Ray & Qu'in de la Noche - Dark Love - Goth Burlesque

"Dark Love"


A tribal goth couple's wet dream. Hot, male/female mirrors of each other, wearing all black, bone, metal, and dripping in champagne.

Inspired by the work of Saint Mesa.

Qu'in de la Noche - Burlesque Bombshell_edited.jpg



A classic, savory slow-burn filled with vibrant reds, golds, and wild curls.

Inspired by the work of James Brown, Labrinth, and a small sampling of local musical badasses.

Beautiful Is Boring - Qu'in de la Noche Burlesque_edited.jpg

"Beautiful Is Boring"


Who wants to be "beautiful" when you can be a sexually liberated, spooky, sexy, slightly homicidal goth babe?

Inspired by the work of Bones UK.

Qu'in de la Noche - Queen of the Damned Burlesque Duo (Hubba Hubba Revue)

"The Queen and Her King"


After six thousand years of horrifying stillness, Akasha (Queen of the Damned) rises at the call of her King.

Inspired by the works of Anne Rice and the god awful movie featuring the singularly iconic, Aaliyah.

Klingon Style - Qu'in de la Noche

"Klingon Style"


Savagery, silver, and bloodwine... for the glory of the Klingon Empire!!

You'll have to see it to believe it.

Empty Theater_edited.jpg

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22nd annual Edwardian Ball

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DAM Circus LLC

Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival

The National Exchange Hotel

Truth or Dare Productions

Love Horror Events

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