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Qu'in de la Noche

About This Artist


Ruckus and Rumpus Revival - Oakland

...and more!

The Edwardian Ball 2023
Meet the woman behind the flesh

Dancer. Producer. Wielder of Weapons. Cecilia Rose (aka: Qu'in de la Noche) is a BIPOC-Latinx multidisciplinary artist who's captivated audiences for 20 years. Known for their superhuman presence of self, and for the role they played in the first all-American cast of international touring production, The Empire Strips Back - there's a reason producers refer to her as the "rising star of San Francisco."


Now a skilled writer, painter, actor, dancer, award-winning martial artist, and sex-positive movement coach, Qu'in grew up in and out of the spotlight. Raised to be a missionary for a despicably infamous cult, Cecilia spent her adolescent years enduring unspeakable trauma. Shamed for her cultural roots and only ever allowed to leave the house with an escort approved by the church, she became suicidal from a young age and found herself turning to "the arts" as a way to process her lived experience. From the painstaking discipline required to paint a portrait on canvas, to the hours spent teaching or training at the studio, there was nothing in the world that made her feel more alive than in those moments. Pure, unbridled moments of fully liberated self-expression. And much like a vampire, born from its first bite... there was no turning back after that.

Throughout her career, Qu'in has been recognized for a wide range of talents; often running and hosting events almost as much as she performs in them. While not interested in launching a show of their own just yet, Qu'in de la Noche can be found Stage Managing the big show at Hubba Hubba Revue alongside MC Kingfish and some the biggest icons in the biz. In addition to her work as a burlesque artist, Qu'in can be found performing for public venues and private parties from Carmel to Black Rock City and shares a look behind the process with her most dedicated followers on Patreon. She has also been featured in several publications, including Boudoir Inspiration, SF Gate, Dominante, Marika, Redline, Vigour, and Splash Magazine.

Qu'in de la Noche is an unapologetically fierce entertainer, BOH manager, and neurospicy sex kitten from the heart of San Francisco.✨Forever an advocate for cultural reclamation and healthy living, she enjoys live music, gothic noir, exploring the city with her beloved, and hopes to spend the rest of their days working with exceptional humans who seek to "live boldly" as she does.

Photography by Lucky Drive Photo.

"Live, learn, and love with every breath you dare to take."

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