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SF Gate Empire Strips Back Isa Musni Princess Leia
SF Gate Journalism Empire Strips Back Qu'in Boba Fett

"Thank the emperor and the Jedi masters that Russall S. Beattie got the idea in 2011 to make a “Star Wars” burlesque show, because the possibilities are just too tantalizing to resist."  -DateBook, SF Chronicle

Qu'in Jedi Empire Strips Back SF Promo

"I nearly fainted when performer Cecilia Qu’in portrayed a Jedi with acrobatic precision to “Angel” by Massive Attack — a certified ’90s banger that’s just as bewitching as the performer bringing it to life."  -SF Gate

Now based in San Francisco thanks to a residency with the internationally acclaimed, Empire Strips Back, the rein of Qu'in de la Noche has only just begun. Recognized for her natural poise and superhuman mastery of self, this Afro-Latin powerhouse can be found conjuring performances so haunting, you'll find fragments of her spirit slipping into your subconscious for weeks to come.

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