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Like most working arts professionals, I've spent most of my career living a double life. 10+ years representing acclaimed troupes in dozens of cities, entertaining thousands of people every year. I've expanded my offerings to include essential Web Design & Social Media Management.

As a freelance performing artist, I've spent the last decade of my life learning to polish and refine my wide web of specialties to fit within the boxes of modern society. With roots firmly grounded in martial arts, dance, and classical theatre, I consider it my personal duty to represent my kin through the authentic reclamation of self. Breathing life into every performance with deadly purpose, precision, and passion. Once recognized as one of the original scream queens of Sacramento, my art has since evolved to incorporate my love of Old Hollywood glamour in addition to the allure of the macabre.


I have curated these moments to engage the viewer and to transport them into a new, more visceral reality. Being called "beautiful" alone means nothing to me. I would rather be haunting, inspiring, and disturbing beyond reason. I do this by having the audacity to reclaim my place in the world as a raw and real human being. It is my highest honor to represent the BIPOC community in this way. Combining my love of connection with exemplary stage presence and superhuman mastery of self.



Signature Act - Solo & Duet

A live spectacle of personal reclamation.

Feat. "Man's Man's World by James Brown & "Magdalene" by FKA Twigs - who personally approved of the performance.


"Gatsby Girl"

Most Requested for Private Parties - Solo

A high-energy performance piece laced with slow peels and hints of that bathtub gin.

Feat. "Minnie The Moocher," as recorded by Peter Petty and His Terpsichoreans.


"Black Magic Woman"

Most Requested [pre-pandemic] - Solo

As one of the original scream queens of Sacramento, this creature of the night inspired dozens of starlets to embrace their inner wild, and continues to offer horrifying performance art to those venues who are brave enough to invite her.

Music Videos

From local artists to those with international followings, some of my most treasured memories involve the production of compelling music videos.

Theatre & Film

While much of my past footage has long since been lost, I invite you to check out my CV, or take a moment to enjoy this beautiful short produced by local filmmakers DC Grant & Dwight Taylor

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