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Become a Patron

by pledging your monthly support for my work on Patreon.


An excellent question.😉 Patreon is not a subscription service where you are guaranteed to "get" any number of promised things. It's a monthly pledge of love and loyalty for the work that I do an a performing artist, writer, web designer, and maker of things.

I personally earn enough from my part-time gigs and full-time contract to cover the essentials of living in San Francisco... but it's not quite enough to be the full-time traveling showgirl I one day hope to be.


If you choose to become my Patron for $10, $25, or $50 per month, you'll be helping me to:

  • COSTUME REPAIRS & PROP UPGRADES - Being a professional burlesque entertainer means I am constantly making time to repair/upgrade my costumes. I can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on the finest designs like some of my colleagues... but thanks to my patrons, I've made dozens of trips to thrift stores, fabric stores, and small businesses, where I acquire the bits and pieces I need to make the tools of my trade look better than ever. 🥰

  • STUDIO RENTALS - You'll also be helping me pay for the cost of studio rentals, so I can make the time to work on choreography for solo acts and duets alike.

  • Time spent creating NEW CONTENT - That's right! By becoming my Patron, you'll be directly investing in my ability to book photoshoots, submit prints for publication, and film/edit new content for social media posts and gig applications! 🎬


It's hard work being a full-time creative, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

THANK YOU for keeping the dream alive! ✨

Support this Artist

with tips, donations, and the greatest gift of all: patronage

No matter what you prefer: all tokens of appreciation are graciously accepted, and immediately invested into the machine that keeps Qu'in Artistry LLC up and running as the freelance part-time business that it is.

[A Loving Reminder for those new to tipping culture] When you give a gift, the giver is not entitled to any part of the artist's body or mind. We reserve the right to our physical autonomy and will proceed to live our lives as freely as our ancestors once hoped we would.


Thank you for the gift of your support!



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