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meet the woman behind the flesh

Artist. Lover. Fighter. Survivor. These are but a handful of words that one might use to describe Cecilia Qu'in. An American Afro-Latin multidisciplinary artist specializing in events management, digital media management, and sex-positive performance art.

Recognized for her captivating stage presence and an innovative eye for design, this ethnically ambiguous powerhouse is unstoppable. Raised to be a minister and working illegally since the age of 13, Cecilia endured much while living in service of [redacted cult]. Constantly inspired by authors, filmmakers, songwriters and more, it was the art of storytelling that eventually inspired her to break free from the madness; walking with open arms into the free world and never looking back.

There was once a time when Ms. Qu'in focused solely on "survival." Working one odd job after another while opportunity fell within the grasp of far more privileged peers. Now, after almost a decade of working in the entertainment industry as a hobbyist, she seeks to inspire others by living shamelessly as the indomitable spirit she is. 

Cecilia Qu'in mixed BIPOC Boriqua actor

In 2019, Cecilia founded Qu'in Artistry: a freelance business thereby enabling herself with the ability to offer services as a writer and performing artist when the pandemic brought her industry to a standstill. In 2021, she continued the expansion of her performing arts business while accepting part-time contracts in marketing and events management. In less than a year, Cecilia left a lasting impression on the Bay Area circus and variety show scene as Qu'in de la Noche: a reconnecting native whose extensive background in Technical Theatre and Events Management would eventually lead her to accept seasonal partnerships with businesses like Hubba Hubba Revue, DAM Circus, Flux Vertical Theatre, Misfit Cabaret, and more.

When she isn't busy working or otherwise considering new contracts, Cecilia can be found living life as a free woman in Northern California. She takes pride in the work that goes into every professional assignment and hopes to inspire future generations to embrace personal wellness and cultural reclamation at every possible opportunity.

Because every one of us has a story worth sharing. A life worth living.


And it's worth fighting for. 


Noteworthy Performances

Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival
Kat Robichaud's Misfit Cabaret

Hubba Hubba Revue

DNA Lounge

The Great Star Theater

JCLee Studios' School of Sculpture

The Apothecary Raree


Justin Martin

The Glitch Mob


Archimedes Banya

The National Exchange Hotel

Gold Country Casino Resort

Womanopoly SF

DAM Circus

Berber SF

The Great Northern


The Ruckus and Rumpus Revival

The Sacramento Horror Film Festival

a fully insured performing artist,
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